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Playout automation and streaming

moviejaySX provides broadcast playout automation and simultaneous streaming for a wide range of applications: satellite providers, over-the-air broadcasters, cable head-ends, music channels, web TVs.


Exploit a rich bunch of features to meet all most demanding requirements, from over-the-air broadcasters to satellite providers.

Music channels

Run a “music channel in a box”, with random clip selection, title/artist/coming next overlay, based on animated banners.

Web TVs

Thanks to the integrated encoder, moviejaySX is the 1-click playout and streaming solution.

moviejaySX playout features

Multiformat playout

Mix a variety of media in the same playlist with simultaneous SDI/IP streaming. From mp4 to mov and mxf, SD, HD and 4K with realtime scaling to the preferred output format.

Exact scheduling

Use the integrated playlist manager to add media, graphics, commands, live events. Save and run your daily schedule at the desired time, automatically, with just a few clicks.

Powerful editing

Trim your media off-the-air and always get perfect transitions with no extra effort. Save and reload unlimited presets and reuse them later, everywhere.

Music Pack

Run a zero-manteinance music channel, with random music selection and live overlay of title / artist and coming next, based on animated Flash banners.

Integrated CG

From a station watermark to complex projects with multiple graphics items, the CG engine offers a multilayer mix of text, pictures, craw and roll tickers, Flash animations, subtitles, RSS feeds, realtime XML tables, and much more!

External feeds

Seamlessly schedule any live input, streaming feeds, NDI or WebRTC sources into your playlist just like a local media. Triggering feature allows starting events remotely at the exact time required.

Streaming encoder

GPU accellerated h264 & HEVC/H265 encoding and the virtual device output get your streaming service running to YouTube, Facebook any media server in just a few clicks!

μMAM (micro MAM)

Organize your media with the optional μMAM plug-in. A dedicated SQLite database files and indexes media and related metadata to ease later search and retrieval.

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Buy & rent: get a license now

Make your choice between different editions and payment plans to suit your requirements.

A webcaster license is the best choice for starting up your webTV.

NOTE: Please get a TV station licence if you need to use Decklink input/output or you need the full application features.


39 /month

Everything you need to start your webTV in a matter of minutes.

- Multiformat playout
- Streaming up to 480p
- Off-the-air preview
- Playlist scheduling
- Station logo overlay
- Non-destructive file trimming
- Offline playlist editor
- Asrun logs
Auto Renewal


69 /month

The next step in growing up your business, including HD streaming and 5-layers CG.
All moviejaySX Webcaster SD features, plus:

- Playback and streaming up tp 1080p
- Network playback
- 5-layers CG
Auto Renewal


89 /month

The all-in-one choice to run an automated music channel channel in a box.
All moviejaySX Webcaster HD features, plus:

- Music Pack
Auto Renewal

TV station licenses are suitable for using moviejaySX in a typical studio workflow.

NOTE: You can get an affordable Webcaster license if you plan to use moviejaySX just for streaming purposes.


49 /month

Everything you need to start your TV channel in a matter of minutes.

- Multiformat playout
- Streaming up to 480p
- Playback up to 720x576
- Decklink output
- NDI & WebRTC output
- Off-the-air preview
- Playlist scheduling
- Station logo overlay
- Non-destructive file trimming
- Offline playlist editor
- Asrun logs
Auto Renewal


89 /month

Your next step to grow up your business, including HD playback, multi-layer CG and external feeds management.
All moviejaySX Atom features, plus:

- Playback and streaming up tp 1080p
- Multilayer CG
- Network playback
- Decklink live input
- NDI & WebRTC input
- Video router management
Auto Renewal


129 /month

The full featured application including 4K playout, uMAM and Music Pack options, allowing to run a music channel in a box.
All moviejaySX Premium features, plus:

- 4K playback and streaming
- Music Pack
- uMAM
Auto Renewal



Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) or Questions and Answers (Q&A), are listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context, and pertaining to a particular topic.

May I try moviejaySX before buying ?

We’ll be glad to offer you a fully functional installation for moviejaySX, plus access to our premium support via Skype and remote desktop throughout your evaluation. meantime. We want you to try before buy !

What's the difference between "webcaster" and "TV station" ?

As the name says, webcasters bundles are intended for those customers requiring IP playback and streaming only, so they don’t offer any Decklink input/output features.

Do I need a playout server to run moviejaySX ?

moviejaySX does not require any “special” hardware or expensive “playout server”: careful software engineering guarantees very light CPU load and excellent performance on any standard core i5 or better PC-based workstation. In our opinion, you as customer shall not be forced to buy powerful hardware to cover up poor application performance.

Is there any minimum required period for renting moviejaySX ?

You can rent for as short as 1-month without any further obligation. When you feel confident that moviejaySX is the right choice for you, you can apply for “auto renewal”. You can cancel your subscription anytime.